Annuity Purchase 

Welcome to Continuum Wealth's comprehensive guide on annuities, a cornerstone financial product designed to ensure a stable income during your retirement years. In the United Kingdom, understanding annuities is crucial for anyone planning their financial future.

An annuity is essentially a contract between you and an insurance company: you provide them with a lump sum of money, typically from your pension pot, and in return, they promise a regular, reliable income for the rest of your life or a set period.

Our experts at Continuum Wealth are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of annuity purchase, tailoring advice to your unique financial situation.

Annuity Purchase
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Understanding Annuities

What Does An Annuity Purchase Mean?

An annuity purchase signifies a commitment to long-term financial stability. When you buy an annuity, you're securing a promise from an insurance company to provide you with a predetermined income. This arrangement is particularly appealing as it offers income security for life or for a specified number of years.

The purchase is typically made using a lump sum, which can be sourced from your pension savings, providing a seamless transition from working life to retirement.

Key Features of Annuities

Guaranteed Income

The primary appeal of an annuity is its guarantee. Whether you choose a lifetime annuity or a fixed-term option, the assurance of receiving a steady income stream is a significant relief in retirement years.

Customisable Features

Flexibility is a key strength of annuities. Options like securing income for your spouse posthumously, safeguarding against inflation, or guaranteeing payments for a minimum period even if you pass away early, make annuities highly adaptable to individual needs.

One-Time Investment

Annuities are typically a one-off purchase, often funded through pension savings. This one-time investment simplifies the process, converting your pension pot into a predictable, long-term income.

Benefits of Using Annuities

Financial Security

The most significant benefit of an annuity is the financial security it offers. Knowing that you have a consistent income stream can provide immense peace of mind during your retirement years.


Once set up, an annuity requires minimal management. This simplicity is a boon, especially for retirees who wish to enjoy their retirement without the stress of actively managing their investments.


Annuities are not a one-size-fits-all solution. They can be tailored to cater to specific needs - whether it’s providing for a surviving spouse, incorporating inflation adjustments, or setting a fixed term for payments.

Annuity Purchase Process

Understanding the process of purchasing an annuity is crucial. In the UK, the use of an annuity calculator can be an invaluable first step. These calculators help estimate the income you might receive, based on your lump sum investment, age, health, and other personal factors. The actual purchase involves selecting the right type of annuity, deciding on the features you need, and then transferring your pension pot or savings to the insurance company. It's a significant decision that benefits from professional advice, such as that provided by Continuum Wealth.

Types of Annuities Available

  • Lifetime Annuities: These are designed to pay out an income until your death, ensuring you never outlive your resources.
  • Fixed-Term Annuities: Providing income for a predetermined period, these annuities are ideal for those with specific financial planning goals.
  • Enhanced Annuities: Tailored for individuals with certain health conditions or lifestyles that may impact life expectancy, offering potentially higher income.
  • Purchased Life Annuity: A less common option, purchased with personal savings or cash, providing a regular income, part of which may be tax-efficient.
  • Bulk Purchase Annuities: Often used by pension scheme trustees to secure members' benefits.

Each of these annuities serves different needs and priorities, making the choice deeply personal and dependent on individual circumstances.

Financial Considerations and Tax Implications

Age and Contribution Limits

  • Age Limits: Annuities are generally available to individuals aged 55 and over in the UK.
  • Contribution Limits: The lump sum for an annuity is usually drawn from your pension pot, subject to its own contribution limits.

Tax Rules in the United Kingdom

  • Tax-Free Lump Sum: Up to 25% of your pension pot can be taken as a tax-free lump sum before purchasing an annuity.
  • Income Tax: The income you receive from your annuity is subject to regular income tax.

Additional Considerations

  • Irreversibility: Once purchased, an annuity typically cannot be reversed or altered. This makes it essential to consider all options and seek expert advice before making a decision.
  • Inflation Risk: If your annuity does not include inflation protection, the real value of your income could diminish over time, a critical factor to consider for long-term financial planning.
  • Costs: Adding features to your annuity, such as spousal benefits or inflation protection, can impact the initial income offered. It's important to balance these features against your income needs.

Retirement Success with Continuum Wealth's Annuity Planning Expertise

Annuities provide a secure and straightforward way to ensure a stable income during retirement. Yet, their suitability highly depends on each individual's financial situation and retirement objectives.

At Continuum Wealth in Marlow, United Kingdom, our team of dedicated financial advisers specialises in guiding you through the intricacies of annuities. We understand that retirement planning is a deeply personal journey, and selecting the right annuity is a key decision in this process.

We encourage you to explore our Retirement Planning page for more information on how we can assist in shaping your retirement strategy. For bespoke advice, tailored to your unique financial needs and retirement aspirations, please contact us. Our experts are committed to providing you with personalised guidance, helping you make informed decisions for a comfortable and secure retirement.


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Annuity Purchase FAQs

To safeguard your purchasing power, you can choose an escalating annuity. This type of annuity provides annual income increases to counteract rising living costs and ensure your income retains its value over time.

Yes, annuity income is usually subject to income tax in the UK. However, the specific tax treatment depends on individual circumstances, including your total income and any other sources of retirement income. It is advisable to consult with a qualified tax advisor or financial planner to understand your tax liability and explore any available tax benefits.

Generally, annuity purchases are considered irrevocable once the contract is established. However, some annuity providers offer a "cooling-off" period, typically 30 days, during which you can cancel the annuity contract and receive a refund of your initial payment.

Yes, flexibility in choosing the commencement of annuity payments exists. Immediate annuities provide income right away, while deferred annuities allow you to delay payments until a future date, providing flexibility to align your income stream with your retirement plans.

The calculation of annuity income considers various factors. Your age at the time of purchase, the type of annuity selected, current interest rates, and the total amount of pension savings used to buy the annuity all play a role in determining the income you will receive. Additionally, factors like inflation protection and guaranteed periods may influence the calculation.

Yes, enhanced annuities are available to individuals with certain health conditions or lifestyle factors that may impact life expectancy. These annuities offer higher payouts to reflect the potentially shorter lifespan of the annuitant.

The treatment of your annuity upon your death depends on the terms of the annuity contract. Some annuities come with guaranteed periods, ensuring that payments continue to beneficiaries for a predetermined duration. Others may offer a spouse's or partner's pension, providing ongoing income to a surviving spouse or partner.

An annuity is a financial product that serves as a retirement income solution. In the UK, it operates as follows: Individuals contribute a lump sum, often from their pension savings, to an insurance company. In return, the insurer promises to provide a regular income stream, typically on a monthly or annual basis. This income is guaranteed for life or a predetermined period, depending on the type of annuity chosen.An annuity is a financial product that provides a regular income stream in exchange for a lump sum payment. In the UK, individuals typically purchase annuities with their pension savings to secure a steady retirement income.

The UK offers several types of annuities to cater to different financial needs and preferences. These include lifetime annuities, which provide income for the remainder of your life, fixed-term annuities that offer income for a specified period, and enhanced annuities designed for individuals with health conditions, offering higher payouts due to potentially shorter lifespans.

You should contemplate purchasing an annuity when you approach retirement and are ready to convert your pension savings into a reliable income source. The appropriate age for annuity purchase can vary and often aligns with your chosen retirement date.


Note: This page is for information purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. Always consult an Independent Financial Adviser for personalised financial advice tailored to your individual circumstances.